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Cellular Backhauling

Break geographical boundaries, expand your mobile
network coverage and reach new revenue streams.

Reach beyond the limits set by terrestrial infrastructure and expand your coverage in rural, remote, and low-density areas. Our satellite network over Europe, the Middle East, and Southern Africa replaces the costly fiber or microwave infrastructures with backhaul transmission. A complete and cost-effective solution, that will help you overcome any challenges set by the traditional connectivity technologies.


Robust satellite network that increases channel capacity.

Enables service companies to operate their own VSAT network without having to invest in teleport equipment upfront.

Increased capacity
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High performance, continuous connectivity

We combine ground infrastructure with the industry’s leading platforms for satellite broadband services, like iDirect and Dialog.

Turnkey solutions
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High powered regional

Our fleet from 39° East provides high-quality satellite broadband connectivity at sea and high throughput coverage at the best price.

Strategic location
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Customized and scalable

We find the optimal solutions that better match your needs, which you can scale and upgrade whenever needed.

Tailored services



Immediate response and resolution

We’re here for your safety 24/7


Deep knowledge and experience

Trusted by over 100 international clients


First-class fleet and equipment

Enabling services of the highest quality


Cost-effective connectivity solutions

The best quality at a competitive price

Looking for satellite communication solutions?

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