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Connectivity at Sea

Always stay connected at sea and feel at home with
reliable and unimpeded satellite broadband connectivity.

Ensure seamless, continuous connectivity onboard, regardless of the type of vessel. Our satellite network over Europe, the Middle East, and Southern Africa, provides a reliable and steady broadband connection. Passenger, merchant, leisure, offshore, and fishing vessels can take advantage of our high-speed services enabling multiple maritime applications.

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Robust satellite network that increases channel capacity

Reach millions of homes within our coverage network and grow your audience. Our high-power satellites optimize your bandwidth needs, providing seamless transmission.

Increased capacity
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In-orbit backup that allows non-stop transmission.

Deliver seamless content and excellent image quality to your viewers, thanks to our satellites’  state-of-the-art technology.

Non-stop transmission
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Service continuity even in remote locations.

We achieve greater coverage in geographically challenging areas that cannot be reached by traditional terrestrial services.

Remote locations
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High power and ample room for expansion

Our satellites provide coverage up to 54dBW and combine Ku-Band and Ka-Band frequencies, enabling the highest performance across Europe and lowering OPEX.

Highest performance



Premium orbital neighborhood

Strategically positioned fleet covering 3 continents


Use of advanced technology

First-class fleet and ground infrastructure


Flexible and dedicated team

Immediate response and fast resolution


Reliable solutions and services

Trusted by more than 100 international clients

Looking for satellite communication solutions?

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