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Land Mobility

Secure and reliable satellite-enabled solutions for uninterrupted communication on the move.

Go wherever you need to go without ever being off the grid. With our satellite network over Europe, the Middle East, and Southern Africa, we’ll ensure that you’ll stay connected for the entire duration of your trip, with reliable and steady connectivity.
Whether you’re on the move for business or leisure, you’ll never be offline again, no matter the type of vehicle.

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Communication on the Move

Always stay connected anywhere with COTM, certified by
industry leaders in manufacturing portable terminals.

Always connected
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Short and long-haul

While you’re under our coverage network, we’ll make sure you stay connected from the start of your trip until you reach your destination.

Tailored solutions
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High bit rate broadband

Seamless, high-quality content through small compact terminals reaching even geographically challenging areas.

Highest quality
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In-orbit backup and minimum interruptions

Our satellite network ensures continuous connectivity and uninterrupted service provision for seamless activities on the move.

Powerful fleet



Immediate response in case of emergency

Our experts are available for you 24/7


Experienced professionals in all departments

After 3 satellite launches and 20 years of experience


Custom solutions to match your needs

We tailor our services for optimal results


Deep knowledge and experience

Trusted by over 100 international clients

Ready to start

planning your next route?

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