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Extend your network and deliver reliable satellite data
services to enterprises located in remote areas.

All types of enterprises require high-speed and stable broadband solutions but in hard-to-reach areas, this is a challenge due to the limitations of terrestrial infrastructure. Our satellite-enabled solutions allow you to provide high-quality and reliable services to your clients and can help you reach new markets beyond the extent of your existing fiber network.

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Service continuity even in remote locations

We provide greater coverage in geographically challenging areas that cannot be reached by conventional terrestrial technology.

Remote areas
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Flexible and customized

Based on your and your clients’ needs, we’ll design the most suitable broadband solutions to optimize your services.

Tailored services
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In-orbit backup and minimum interruptions

Our satellite network ensures continuous connectivity and uninterrupted service provision for seamless governmental activities.

Powerful fleet
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Cross connectivity between Europe and Southern Africa

The premium location of our fleet allows cross-region connectivity, which enables activities that require reliable broadband services.

Premium location



Immediate response and support

We’re here to assist you 24/7


Dedicated team
of professionals

With over 20 years
of experience


Use of advanced technology

First-class fleet and ground infrastructure


Trusted by major international partners

We deliver connectivity solutions worldwide

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