Managed Services

Managed Services
Managed Services

Managed Services

Hellas Sat offers a range of secure Managed Services designed to keep your mission-critical systems operational. They are provided as a turn-key end-to-end system solutions that includes system design, installation and integration, satellite network management and 24/7 support.  You can choose from a number of Managed Services depending on your own resources and communications support need. Hellas Sat offers Cost-effective Customized solution tailored to your specific needs.

Featuring flexible, pre-engineered networks, customers need only identify their bandwidth requirements and their desired service areas in order to establish a world-class network.

Hellas Sat managed services allows customers to accelerate their satellite access through a service that combines space, teleport, shared networking platforms and terrestrial data delivery.

Leave the connectivity to us! Hellas Sat managed solutions reduce network operations costs and allow our customers to focus on value-added applications and what is really important — growing their business! -  Hellas Sat Managed Services include:

  •  Hellas Sat Broadband Services
  •  Hellas Sat Media Services
  •  Hellas Sat Mobility Services


A focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Whatever managed service you choose, you can be assured that we won’t just maintain your performance – we’ll strive to improve it. And wherever possible, we’ll help you to lower your operational costs. Experience technical personnel overviewing and maintaining the network are capable of it to maintain the highest quality of service.

Network Services monitoring your satellite coverage

The Network Operations Center and Customer support staff, immediate and effective response to customer calls for assistance. We offer a number of services enabling you to check your satellite communications coverage and capacity – from call data record analysis, to indoor and outdoor coverage testing. These independent network checks can help you to assess satellite capacity performance and see if you are getting the coverage you are paying for. We also offer full network management services, and have alarm monitoring telemetry systems at our site.